About Amie

Amie Devero, is the author of Powered by Principle and President of  Solutions 4 Cities (S4C).  For over twenty years, Amie has been helping organizations – private and public sector — to accomplish their missions and to align their organizations to ongoing change.  Over the last five years she has run two technology companies, both focused on providing mobile payment services for customers of cities and other organizations.  First, as Managing Director of iControl Mobile, Amie was  charged by parent company iControl Systems with developing the plan and strategy and securing internal funding and support for the formation of the mobile payment subsidiary.  Later, Amie would lead in the acquisition of iControl Mobile’s assets by RingGo, Inc., US subsidiary of UK phone payment leader.  As president of RingGo, Amie successfully penetrated the US market in short order,  securing over 9 municipal and private contracts in under 9 months.

When parent company Cobalt Telephone Technologies decided to discontinue service in the US, Amie formed Solutions 4 Cities to ensure that the municipal RingGo clients would be guaranteed alternative mobile payment services, and to provide them with ongoing access to the very best in Smart City technology as it evolves. But she has always provided consulting services focused in the areas of strategy, execution, and producing breakthrough results through new and expanded thought applied to business and non-business missions.

Amie was educated at Bennington College, Harvard University and The London School of Economics, and holds two masters degrees.  Prior to entering the business, consulting and technology world, like so many born since the baby boom, Amie had multiple “careers”.  She was a professional dancer until retiring at age 25, a fitness business owner  and a radio and TV personality. Over the years she has spoken to hundreds of audiences and provided motivation, coaching and training to over 10,000 adults. She is well-published on a variety of subjects including organizational culture, living core values, increasing productivity, leveraging technology and strategic thought and execution.

Although running Solutions 4 Cities is an all-consuming role, Amie continues to write, speak and work with organizations (largely technology companies and City governments) to develop and execute strategy and evolve to ongoing change. When she isn’t writing, speaking or consulting, Amie is an avid runner and swimmer, sometime triathlete and a devoted crossword puzzle and mystery lover.