Illustrations from the book Powered by Principle


Below are links to all of the illustrations within the book. These are offered to those of your listening to the audio version of the book, as well as to those who would like to be able to see the illustrations in a magnified formal.

Chapter 4: Figure 1 Categories of Foundational Core Values

Chapter 5: Figure 2 Sample S.W.O.T. Analysis Matrix

Chapter 5: Figure 3 The Logic of the Strategy Map.

Chapter 5: Figure 4 Generic Strategy Map

Chapter 5: Figure 5 ABC, Inc. Strategy Map with Foundational and Strategic Core Values

Chapter 6: Figure 6 ABC, Inc. Strategy Map

Chapter 6: Figure 7 Sample Partial Matrix

Chapter 6: Figure 8 Measurement Instrument Matrix

Chapter 8: Figure 9 Sample Social Responsibility Categories