Industry Higher Education

The Situation:

Management transition imminent

Faculty/administration discord

Faculty morale poor

Uncertainty of direction for new management, and unclarity about accomplishments of outgoing management

Poor treatment of students by administrative staff, and mediocre faculty evaluations by students

The Intervention:

Interviews with all members of executive committee, including outgoing and incoming management, faculty representatives and several randomized members of both groups to distinguish current scenario

3 Day off-site meeting with executive team and three invited non-tenured faculty members and non-executive staff representative to

Perform scenario development for creation of long-term vision of college

Quantify the vision

Create 1-year and 5-year goals

Map the strategy to accomplish those goals

Develop the strategic message with the outgoing and incoming management to ensure smooth transition


All faculty and staff know, share and understand both vision and strategy

Strategic projects underway to accomplish goals

New metrics in development for strategy management over long-term

Morale of faculty improved, student evaluations not yet in

Management transition complete