Industry Outsourcing

The Situation:

Plan in place to launch sister-product

No information available on market or customer needs

Extreme fear in sales force of new product cannibalizing legacy product clients

Product development team at odds with executive leader on pricing, technology, benefits and features of new product

Enormous cost overruns in product development process

The Intervention:

Development of comprehensive market research product including multiple focus groups, surveys, interviews with C-level prospects in all initial, prospective US markets (8 markets)

Strategic planning of product based on market research findings and analysis of the deficiencies (and overkill) within the proposed product and its technology

Distinguished in strategy distinct market niche for both products to ensure no cannibalization.

Creation of pricing and sales strategy to directly leverage market research data

Creation of sales metrics and performance metrics to drive new sales and sustain legacy customers


New product completed and sales underway

Parallel sales team for new product established, trained and “on the streets”.

New product sold to 6 beta customers for year-long real testing

Cost overruns halted