Industry Retail Banking

The Situation:

Bank serves closed population and therefore is limited in new client procurement

No comprehensive strategy in place despite extremely rapid growth over prior ten years

High employee turnover and low morale

The Intervention:

Executive team off-site—5 days to develop 30 year vision, five year goals, strategy map, core values

Executive message development with CEO to launch new vision and strategy

Strategic intent to diversify product lines and expand into full financial service provider

Strategy scorecard developed with metrics for all parameters

Retraining of all employees in strategy map, core values and skills expansion

IPO planned for three years out


IPO complete

Strategy successfully underway

Over 50 new products/services launched

Market penetration only up 2%, but total accounts up 390%

6 new branches opened

Co-owned banks opened in remote markets (international)

Employee morale improved, turnover reduced by intended amount