Industry Technology

Industry: Software Development

The Situation:

Growth results but below what the CEO felt they should be.

Internal disruption between mathematicians (production) and sales/marketing (revenue).

Beta deadlines missed, software launches missed, sales promises missed, buggy software delivered, customer complaints

The Intervention:

Team-building retreat focused on generating understanding between production and sales of respective strengths and interdependence

Strategy mapping and core values created, and staff trained and included in ongoing strategic execution including values audits

Metrics from strategy built, taught and used to manage personnel, compensation and production/sales

Revisit of long-term vision with partner team to reassess strategic direction, gain feedback on strategy and progress


Measurable increase in on-time software delivery

Measurable and sustained reduction in customer complaints, and ensuring reallocation of human resources away from customer complaints to revenue production

Completed acquisition of competitor

Reevaluation of long-term partner intentions underway