Meeting Planner

Meeting Planners

All speaking engagements are billed by time. If you need Amie for any presentation, she will be available for a full half-day and is happy to provide additional presentations, workshops, question and answer or a breakout session within that time. Full day bookings are also available, and the same provision applies. Any travel will require a full-day booking.


Available Topics:


  • Strategy Mapping: What to do Tomorrow Morning
  • Too Much to Do: Surviving and Producing Results
  • 10 Ways to Flawlessly Execute Projects and Strategies
  • The Real Market Advantage: Core Values
  • Leadership for Legality: Avoid Legal and Other Violations from the Inside Out
  • Get Way More Done Than You Ever Dreamed: And Still Sleep at Night
  • Develop an Energized Workforce: The Power of Creativity
  • 3 Avenues to Ethical Leadership
  • Employee Loyalty: Building your Most Important Resource
  • Customer Loyalty: The Strategic Advantage that Lasts
  • Surviving and Thriving with Sarbanes Oxley and other Scrutiny You Never Expected
  • Being a Super-Woman – Results plus Freedom and Peace of Mind
  • 3 Ingredients of Real Breakthroughs: Transforming Corporate Culture
  • Why Change Efforts Fail: And How to Fix it